Whatever your computer problem is, no matter how big or how small, you have come to the right place. Dutchtech Pcs has been providing expert computer solutions for almost 1 decades.

  •     your computer has crashed and you’re searching for a fast and professional service at affordable rates or
  •     you want to set up a network which can securely share files, printers and internet connections or
  •     your computer has a virus, spyware, adware or receives excessive spam and you want a professional to remove it or
  •     you require somebody to help you set up your new software or hardware or
  •     you require a bigger hard drive or more memory or
  •     you want to save or transfer some files from your crashed hard drive, but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for data recovery services


      Dutchtech Pcs is the leader in cost-effective and time efficient computer repairs. We are a dedicated team of professional certified computer experts who configure and develop computer systems and solutions that are 100% right for you.

  •     We come to you- onsite home, office or business computer repairs
  •     Fully certified computer support technicians

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